Volume & Issue: Volume 23, Issue 2, December 2000 
Chemical and biological studies of Sinapis arvensis growing in Egypt

Pages 99-109

A. A. Ali; H. A. Hassanean; M. Mohammed; M. S. Kamel; E. S. El-Khayat

Phenolic compounds from Ailanthus altissima Swingle

Pages 111-116

A. M. Abd El-Baky; F. M. Darwish; Z. Z. lbraheim; Y. Gh. Gouda

New chiral amine ligands for enantioselective synthesis of certain (S)- and (R)-monobactams

Pages 125-136

M. A. Hussein; A. A. El-Shorbagi; N. M. Omar; Z. S. Farghaly; Kiyoshi Tomioka

In vitro release of chloramphenicol sodium succinate from Eudragit polymeric films

Pages 147-156

A. E. Aboutaleb; S. H. Khidr; E. M. Samy; A. Ismail; M. A. Amin